Get to know the dedicated team at Tangerine Dental Group! Creating happier, healthier patients is our mission. Dental hygiene is the key to maintaining a healthy smile. Be sure to book routine checkups and dental cleaning appointments in our office! Our dentists will address cracked or decayed teeth with dental fillings, dental crowns, and other advanced restorations. Tangerine Dental Group also offers dental specialties, including endodontics, oral surgery, and periodontics. As a root canal specialist, our endodontist can help treat dental pulp issues. If you need a tooth removed, dental surgery, or wisdom teeth extracted, you can schedule with our skilled oral surgeon. Lastly, we coordinate care with our periodontist for periodontal or gum disease treatment and the placement of dental implants. You can find a lifetime of quality and caring dental care at Tangerine Dental Group.